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Firewhisky and Honey

A podcast for both the hardcore and casual Harry Potter fans
who wish the story had never ended

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Episode 2.4: Live Your Life (Meet the Potters)

This episode starts with a tune, where Kat seems to think that, in the song Live Your Life by TI and Rihanna, Rihanna says that she is a "Big butt kisser".

For anyone interested, the real lyrics are actually, "I'm a paper chaser".

No, neither of us are sure how she got there either.

In this week's episode, we met James Potter. Shaya ensures that the readers make no mistake: Harry got his sassiness from his paternal line. It's a good time and we hope you all enjoy!

We also hope you enjoy when Kat brings back this gem from The Hot Chick. For anyone interested in the origin of "You can put your weed in there":

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