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A podcast for both the hardcore and casual Harry Potter fans
who wish the story had never ended

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Episode 6.5, Fire and Ash (Fred, Kermit, & the Key West Nutcracker)

This week, Kat and Claire start off with some of their favorite parts of living in the Florida Keys so we will give you all of our Key West references below!

Claire mentions that Key West is about 167 miles from Miami. (She was wrong. It's 164 miles. She gets points for being close.)

We reference the Old Seven Mile Bridge which gets "blown up" in the classic Schwarzenegger film, True Lies:

We also introduce you all to the local celebrity (tree) Fred!

Fred has been included in a news article or two and is his own children's book!

The Key West Nutcracker is a delight and you can see a sampling here:

And, finally, the beloved Kermit of the Key Lime Shop! They do ship pies and other Key Limey goodies, and it supports a beloved local business.

M. Night Shyamalan movies that Kat recommends:

And the trio:

Claire's Gardening God: Monty Don of Gardeners' World (Worth watching for Nigel, Nellie, and all of the sweet pups)

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