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Firewhisky and Honey

A podcast for both the hardcore and casual Harry Potter fans
who wish the story had never ended

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Episode 2.1, Courage and Craft (The Really Long One)(Bowchickabow-wow)

[NOTE: Did this episode post earlier than the usual Friday at midnight (Eastern Standard Time)? You're darn right it did. This premiere of Season Two still posted at midnight, but at midnight in Sydney, Australia. This is done on purpose as both an early surprise for our fans, and as the only gift we are currently able to give our fans in Australia. We hope that this brings you all a spot of joy in light of the terrible fires sweeping your nation. Our hearts are with our fans down under.]

We're back with Season Two of the Firewhisky and Honey Podcast, and Book Two of The Debt of Time!!

We mix things up with a new intro, so you already know things are getting changed up a little in Season Two.

But not too much, because Kat's still rusty on the recaps. We're working on it people.

Kat and Claire shake the dust off and dive back into the post-Wizarding War World where Sirius is housing the Trio and a certain Slytherin slithers around Grimmauld Place, to the disappointment of one red-headed war hero. Claire also debuts a new voice! (Everyone's least favorite journalist)

You can get the rest of the story by listening to the episode, which was nearly 90 minutes in its original form (thank you HB for making it palatable, length wise. We know you can't do a thing about making our actual content palatable. We'd apologize, but we don't really care. We know our fan-base, and they love us. We love them, too. Not least of all because they love us, even through our weirdness.)

We reference a number of comedy bits in this episode. For those who didn't understand our Alex Trebek/Sean Connery references, we present Celebrity Jeopardy:

For those who were concerned, by the way, Claire came through with the Goo-Goo Clusters, in peanut butter, as requested, so the fans can stop pestering us. Also, they're apparently on Amazon for those who are interested.

Kat references the girls' all time favorite comedy bit from the late great Robin Williams (see below).

We've got to be honest. We're reeeeeal rusty after taking more than two weeks off to do things like spend time with loved ones and enjoying the holidays without being tied to the microphone. We also apparently disappointed a reviewer who said that they expected more from a self-touted "mature" podcast, which is riddled with dick jokes. I think that particular reviewer missed that the "mature" referred to content inappropriate for children (such as those very jokes, along with our colorful language), and not any sort of claim to be actually mature. To be clear, we're not. At least, not in our podcast. We love our innuendo.

Kat is exceptionally chatty this week, much of which may unfortunately end up in a blooper reel, or at the end of the episode, but it keeps this week full of chuckles and groans.

We hope you all enjoyed our return to podcasting and are looking forward to this newest season of Firewhisky and Honey!!

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