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Firewhisky and Honey

A podcast for both the hardcore and casual Harry Potter fans
who wish the story had never ended

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Episode 1.7, Terrible Watchdog (Where You Can Hear Kat Blush)

We start off this episode with Kat saying Situations correctly, then informs us that Mundungus is a Butt-Face and provides a fairly decent run-down before asking to Phone A Friend. Luckily, she's already on the phone with a friend, so Claire completes the recap.

Remember how long the infiltration of the Ministry took, in order to get the locket? Yeah, that gets compressed into about a sentence.

Anyone else think Kreacher is their spirit animal? Kat does, but only when she's cranky. But, you know, same.

Umbridge makes a brief appearance, so Claire gets to do the the obnoxious "hem-hem", which she enjoyed more than she should.

There was even more quizzing than usual and Kat was on point with her knowledge of Harry Potter History, from "I must not tell lies" to where the Grim appears. 10 points to Hufflepuff!

In this episode/chapter, Hermione gets splinched instead of Ron and Sirius is a complete watchdog over her. Literally.

We'd like to make it clear: no smut happens in this chapter. That doesn't stop Kat from blushing anyway. We had fans ask if it was possible to hear someone blush. If you take a listen, you'll see that it is.

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