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Firewhisky and Honey

A podcast for both the hardcore and casual Harry Potter fans
who wish the story had never ended

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Episode 1.1 The Life Debt Ritual (aka Two Friends Attempt Podcasting for the First Time)

Kat and Claire begin the journey of one-hundred and fifty-three chapters! The Debt of Time is a much loved fanfiction series written by ShayaLonnie, a revered author in the fanfiction world.

Claire grew up on Harry Potter. She read the books repeatedy, saw every film in theaters, and may or may not have a Dumbledore quote tattooed on her body somewhere.

Kat worked her way through the movies with the pace one might walk through Central Park on a sunny day after a long winter: slowly and lesiurely. However, being friends with Claire fueled her love of the series and is now a proud Hufflepuff who anxiously awaits each new episode of Potterless to hear more about the book-versions of Harry Potter.

During Claire's second read-through of The Debt of Time, she told Kat how much she wished that Kat would read the story as well. Kat responded, "Only if you read it to me." Little did we know that her cheeky comment would lead to this: a podcast where Claire does exactly that: reads the story to Kat and explains the intricacies apparent only to those who have read the books, while Kat provides comic relief, proper responses to exciting tidbits, and the excitment of experiencing the story for the first time.

In this inaugural episode, Kat and Claire navigate reading the story, and learning to podcast, all at once. (We promise to get better).

Chapter One opens at the end of The Half Blood Prince, immediately following the death of Dumbledore. Hermione spends the summer with the Weasleys and stumbles upon a little known spell that will change the course of the Harry Potter series completely.

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